High performance advantage: The value of high-end security doors and Windows
Release time:2024-01-13 14:53:56

Now with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people have clear requirements for the quality and performance of housing: Building doors and Windows of energy saving performance, safety performance, thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, tightness, water resistance and fastness more and more attention, in addition to the purchase of building doors and Windows products in addition to pay attention to the obvious parts of the door and window such as aluminum, glass, accessories and other quality, relatively more attention to the combination of these door and window components after the realization of a comprehensive performance. High-performance doors and Windows will become an important line of home security.

Zekin doors and Windows to produce high quality, high performance, high-end safety positioning as the standard product development concept, strictly control the product quality process of the system doors and Windows, the combination of exquisite technology and excellent product performance, to ensure the excellent performance of doors and Windows products, comprehensive features at the same time to bring users personalized customized services, for hundreds of millions of families to provide high-end safe home life style.

Thermal insulation is an important indicator of high performance doors and Windows. Gold doors and Windows, the use of multi-cavity design, PA66 heat insulation strip, automotive grade sealing strip, quality hardware combination, reduce the air convection caused by indoor and outdoor heat conduction, heat flow plays a good isolation, reduce the loss of heating and cold air, energy saving 40% than ordinary doors and Windows. It also improves sound insulation. Equipped with high quality broken bridge insulation profiles, energy saving and emission reduction, excellent performance.

Zhengjin door and window all-round sound insulation technology to solve outdoor noise problems. Double broken bridge structure design, double broken bridge structure design of sound insulation, energy saving performance reflects 2 times of non-broken bridge, 1 times of ordinary broken bridge, with double insulating glass, filled with inert gas, prevent glass fog, can slow the noise transmission, sound insulation up to 35db, outdoor noise, indoor quiet, quiet to enjoy comfortable and livable life.

The floors are getting higher and higher, and even in normal weather, they have to deal with the impact of building winds. Gold doors and Windows with high strength of the original aluminum profile, pin glue group Angle technology, high-quality hardware system, the whole window structure is more stable, more deformation resistance, impact resistance. Zhengjin doors and Windows through the mechanical properties and physical impact test, even if the storm hit, stable as Taishan!

High quality doors and Windows can not only heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, but also prevent dust and haze. Gold doors and Windows are designed with sealing rubber strips and multi-channel sealing structure, which ensures good sealing performance of the product and greatly reduces the possibility of dirty air entering the room. At the same time, the use of high definition and high permeability net is like a layer of multi-functional filter, which can block dust from entering the room, and the indoor space is fresher, but also reduce the cleaning burden.

Wind and rain is the basic function of doors and Windows, Zhengjin doors and Windows in moisture and leakage can be described as a great ingenuity, the function of wind and rain will be maximized. Hidden drainage system design, quoting the concept of isobaric chamber, to ensure the free flow of water, without backfilling phenomenon, smooth drainage to ensure strong watertight performance, combined with multi-channel sealing structure design, moisture-proof and leakproof, so that back to the south day is no longer "difficult".

Home security thinking, not only to prevent improper means of invasion, but also to prevent indoor falling risk. Gold doors and Windows, humanized design, with an openable protective fence and anti-theft multi-lock lock technology combination, for the home on a security lock, to prevent human climbing, but also for the emergency time to leave a life channel.

At the same time, Zhengjin doors and Windows has eight high-end safety industry chains, and has built its own upstream and downstream production bases to grasp the quality from the source. Intelligent production line, standard consistent processing technology, do not worry about the size of the door and window error; Employ a professional technical team to research and develop innovation, in every link of production, so that the stability of the whole window is enhanced, to ensure the realization of high-quality doors and Windows performance, to give users high-quality doors and Windows experience.

Zhengjin door and window self-built product testing center and calibration by the state supervision, multi-dimensional control of product quality and safety. Combined with the mature installation process "gold installation delivery" to achieve the perfect fit of door and window production and installation. While greatly improving product quality, it also avoids various installation defects in the installation process, effectively improving the comfort and perception of the user's home environment, and high-end safety doors and Windows do not do surface work.