Scale advantage: Unique 8 high-end safety industry chains lead the new track of the industry
Release time:2024-01-13 14:54:12

Zhengjin doors and Windows has been deeply engaged in the industry for 16 years, and has built its own upstream and downstream production bases in order to build a modern whole industry chain pattern and a competitive innovation system. Through Guan Yaotong glass, Gao Mei Jing Yong, Ona Aluminum, original beauty skin porcelain swim, Zhengjin doors and Windows, Hou Jiang spray wood grain, Wei Hao aluminum, Qianjia mei water-based paint and other eight high-end security industry chains, in the face of raw material costs rise and other special circumstances, the whole industry chain synergies can make Zhengjin doors and Windows more flexible, with the unique advantages and core capabilities of the whole industry.

Some doors and Windows brands are affected by the supply of upstream raw materials, and the delivery time is repeatedly delayed, and Zhengjin doors and Windows eight high-end security industry chains have become a sharp tool for Zhengjin doors and Windows to occupy the market. Through the whole industry chain to overcome the problems of large factory output, slow delivery, low efficiency, from the source of quality control at the same time to speed up production efficiency, storage industry new track. Ensure the delivery time of products, do not need to face the extension of delivery time, still delivery growth.

Zekin doors and Windows can develop to today's scale, do not forget the original spirit of ingenuity is on the one hand, from the perspective of brand development, the most important factor to build its brand moat, in fact, is the "full high-end security industry chain" to build. After years of development, Zhengjin doors and Windows has successfully built innovative differentiation advantages, efficient cost control advantages and scale advantages on the basis of the whole industry chain. Zhengjin doors and Windows can achieve strategic coordination between the various value chain links, and will give Zhengjin doors and Windows an efficient information transmission and reaction mechanism, making the company more sensitive to the reaction of the entire market.

The synergistic advantages of the whole industry chain help Zhengjin doors and Windows to tap the potential inside. Due to the control ability of the whole industry chain, Zhengjin doors and Windows can integrate upstream and downstream, develop a circular economy, and then reduce costs and increase added value. The deep cultivation of Zhengjin doors and Windows in the whole industry chain has played a key role at present. In the face of drastic changes in raw material prices, gold doors and Windows have enough ability to reduce the peak, raise the trough, and then smoothly through the volatility cycle, help dealers to improve the level of profit.

Able to highlight the encircling in the market, relying on the strength of the brand, Zhengjin doors and Windows have a strong industrial chain, can ensure product quality and delivery cycle. Reputation and strength double online. The leading brand of high-end safety doors and Windows is better stability, the whole industry chain interconnection builds the core competitiveness of the brand, is not easy to be affected by market fluctuations, and has stronger anti-risk ability.