High-end safety doors and Windows in the cost-effective king - Zekin doors and Windows
Release time:2024-01-13 14:12:04

What is cost performance? Xiao Mi Leijun once said that the cost performance is, "the lowest price of the same performance, the best performance of the same price", high cost performance is the eternal pursuit of consumers. Through the cost advantage of product force, channels, brands and services, Zhengjin doors and Windows can provide consumers with highly cost-effective products, while having high performance.

Product quality is the foundation

Zhengjin doors and Windows have been adhering to the "do the most trusted high-end security doors and Windows". Since its inception, it has been adhering to product innovation, has been guided by the needs of consumers, and continues to create products and brands that satisfy consumers, and the basis of all this is to adhere to quality.

In order to improve the comprehensive performance of doors and Windows, Zhengjin doors and Windows to build a smart factory 4.0 and reference the world's leading manufacturing process. The sound insulation, safety and other comprehensive performance of the product is leading in the country and more durable, and is loved by consumers. At the same time, it has eight high-end safety industry chains, built its own upstream and downstream production bases, and overcome the problems of large factory output, slow delivery and low efficiency through the whole industry chain, and built innovative differentiation advantages, efficient cost control advantages and scale advantages. Self-built product testing center and calibration by the state supervision, at any time to understand all kinds of product parameters and dynamics and timely adjustment of substandard products, master product quality. Make Zhengjin doors and Windows for consumers to create a very cost-effective high-end safety doors and Windows.

Product design is the soul

Zhengjin door and window design R & D team to give customers safer, more intimate design as the first starting point. Combined with China's different climate exclusive design, continue to in-depth market research, and strive to make products meet the needs of safety and durability at the same time, but also more beautiful and generous, through continuous improvement, the grand launch of the North-South difference system door and window star recommendation, meet the needs of consumers in different regions, so that consumers spend the same money, But you can buy more suitable and more comfortable safety of high-end security doors and Windows. At the same time, in order to meet the personalized needs of contemporary consumers, Zhengjin doors and Windows provide one-stop high-end safety customized door and window design, eight standard colors, customized hardware diversification, to create a higher level of appearance and more high-end safety of the home atmosphere, so that modern young consumers buy happy, comfortable to use.


After-sales service is key

In order to make consumers feel more cost-effective high-end safety doors and Windows, Zhengjin has launched the "genuine one product one code inquiry", the industry's first "National guarantee warranty service", "gold delivery" and joint Ping An of China for each home user insurance "five million" yuan! National warranty service, warranty for 10 years, lifelong maintenance, committed to consumers no matter where deep in the land of China can enjoy professional, considerate after-sales national warranty service! Gold delivery, with 5 gold delivery tips, 10 gold heart service process, to create "one installation lifelong guardian", to provide consumers with safe quiet and high-end installation experience of service standards. Zhengjin doors and Windows with a strong brand after-sales strength, for consumers to create the same brand price differentiation, enjoy better brand service.

As a leading brand of high-end security doors and Windows in China, Zhengjin doors and Windows has been building reputation with quality, using brand image, relying on service to win trust, comprehensively running through the brand, marketing, products, terminals and other enterprise operating systems, establishing a comprehensive advantage system, and opening up a stable and high growth of the characteristics of the road of development. Zhengjin door and window polishing products, the product performance to the extreme; Reduce costs, reduce product costs to the extreme, with excellent performance, brand-name hardware, higher than the same price ratio, create a high sales king.